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OziShield Paint Protection Films.

Everyone wants their Motorcycle or Bicycle to look brand new for as long as possible. However, everytime you go out for a ride, your machine comes back looking older and sadder. Bits of dust, dirt, mud and bugs, all do damage to your painted surfaces. As well as that, fine scratches, scrapes and rubbing from bags, belts and bellies also gradually turn that beautiful gloss into a dull haze.

There is a solution, and we know it works.

Since we began in 2003 we've provided protection for thousands of vehicles.

Paint Protection Film is your best defence to help protect your delicate painted surfaces against all sorts of damage, such as stone chips, bugs, boots, jackets, leathers, zippers, etc.

At OziShield, we have chosen to work with some of the best known and most respected brands in both the Motorcycle and Cycling world.

We engineer Paint Protection Film Kits that we believe are the best in the world, when it comes to design, coverage and value for money.

With our experience and exposure to virtually every brand of Paint Protection Film from 2003 right up to today, we have chosen to offer the best films that we have found, and we use them ourselves, every single day.


We've got you covered!


Our films are manufactured from top-grade automotive polyurethane. Perfectly clear and super-tough. We carry a number of brands of film, from different manufacturers, giving you a choice of film, to suit your needs and budget.

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We use in-house CAD systems to engineer and design our kits. We make them as perfect as we can. We listen to our customers and adjust our designs when necessary. Our engineers are always working to keep our pattern database up-to-date.

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We're a proud family-based Australian company, delivering innovation to the world. There are other kits available on the internet. Cheaper. Smaller. Of dubious quality. Why take the risk? Deal with an Aussie company and keep the Australian economy working.

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