Purchasing Rules

Ok, so you want to purchase items from us. Here are our rules. If you order anything from us, then we assume that you agree to these conditions.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Kits and Film By The Metre.

1. We suggest that you familiarise yourself with our Installation Method and Installation Tools before you order DIY Kits or Film By The Metre.

2. We cannot provide detailed instructions over the phone, therefore we will direct you to appropriate pages on our website.

3. If you wish to contact us with questions, you must have read the following pages first.

4. Because each kit is personally cut for you, we do not provide refunds or replacements unless there is a fault with the film, or if we have supplied something different from what you ordered. So ORDER WISELY.


1. We only install kits that we have manufactured. If you have bought a kit from someone else, then we will not install it.

2. All transactions must be paid for in advance. This guarantees any products, services and the date that we agree on.

3. There is a minimum charge of $250 for installations. So if you order a Tank Kit installation for $198, for example, then we charge the minimum charge of $250. This is to cover time, petrol, running costs, tolls, etc. Any costs for parking will be on top of the $250. City parking can be between $20-$40 for a full day.

4. If you want a kit installed on your bike before you pick it up, then please order it through the dealership, who will contact us and arrange a date for installation. Most installations are done at dealerships in Melbourne, as part of the pre-delivery process. If you order the installation directly from us, wanting it installed before you pick up the bike, then it is up to you to organise the installation through the dealership. Read this page here, to see what we need from you. You need to ask the dealership to allow us to perform the installation on their premises. The date of installation must not conflict with their pre-delivery or scheduled service work. We cannot work around mechanics while we do our job.

5. We rarely come to your house or work place, as the conditions are usually unsuitable for us to deliver a great job. Our work environment must be enclosed, quiet, well-lit, dust-free, draught-free, has a clean floor, a stable comfortable temperature and controlled humidity, etc. We need access to power, running water, toilet, fresh coffee, seating, etc. There is an extra charge of $150 when you choose to have us work outside of the locations listed. You can see the noinated locations when you check the price of the product/kit that you are interested in. We reserve the right not to accept your order if we feel that the premises are not satisfactory. 

6. We install what is in the kit that you have ordered, no more - no less. We do not carry extra film to do other bits and pieces. Any extra requirements above what you have ordered would have to be done at a later date, subject to an extra $250 minimum charge.

7. Cancellation Terms. We understand that life throws up little surprises that you have no control over, but we also have a business to run. You can cancel a booking, but we will refund on the following basis. Let's say that you have booked an installation for a Friday (although it could be a Monday, Tuesday, etc., so you will need to do some maths), here is the impact if you cancel:

  • Cancelling on the day of the booking - no refund,
  • Less than 3 business days (e.g. the Thursday, the Wednesday) before the booked date - no refund,
  • 3 business days (e.g. the Tuesday) before the booked date - 50% refund,
  • 4 business days (e.g. the Monday) before the booked date - 75% refund,
  • more than 4 business days (e.g. at least by the previous Friday) before the booked date - 100% refund.