3M 8591 PPF 150mm wide

8591 film is a thicker polyurethane film that provides superior protection compare to other thinner films, such as ScotchGard, VentureShield, and DYNOshield. However, it does not have a topcoat and therefore is not resistant to stains or scratches and is not suitable where you need to have a good-looking surface. 

The following is information from 3M's website and they identify it as a 14mil (0.35mm) thick film.

Product Details

  • Nearly invisible protection against scratches, part wear and corrosion
  • 0.3mm (12 mil/thousandths of an inch) polyurethane film base resists chipping, scratching, staining, and yellowing
  • 0.05mm (2 mil/thousandths of an inch) pressure-sensitive adhesive makes for fast, efficient application without curing
  • No clear coat – ideal for protecting non-visible surfaces

3M™ Paint Protection Film 8591 is a transparent adhesive film for protecting automotive surfaces from scratches, corrosion, abrasion and wear. It features a 0.3mm (12 mil) die-cuttable polyurethane base, tested for resistance to weathering, stains, shrinkage and elongation. A 0.05mm (2 mil) acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive delivers excellent peel adhesion. This linered film has no clearcoat, ideal for protecting non-visible areas.


SKU: CF-8591-150-005

3M 8591 PPF 150mm wide 0.5m long

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SKU: CF-8591-150-010

3M 8591 PPF 150mm wide 1.0m long

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SKU: CF-8591-150-015

3M 8591 PPF 150mm wide 1.5m long

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SKU: CF-8591-150-020

3M 8591 PPF 150mm wide 2.0m long

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SKU: CF-8591-150-025

3M 8591 PPF 150mm wide 2.5m long

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SKU: CF-8591-150-030

3M 8591 PPF 150mm wide 3.0m long

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SKU: CF-8591-150-035

3M 8591 PPF 150mm wide 3.5m long

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SKU: CF-8591-150-040

3M 8591 PPF 150mm wide 4.0m long

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SKU: CF-8591-150-045

3M 8591 PPF 150mm wide 4.5m long

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SKU: CF-8591-150-050

3M 8591 PPF 150mm wide 5.0m long

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