Installation Request

We normally install our kits as part of the Pre-Delivery process, while your bike is still at the dealership, waiting to be picked up/delivered.

If the dealership has sold our services to you, then the dealership will contact us to attend and perform the installation. However, if you have requested our services without going through the dealership, then it is up to you to organise the installation.  

You must place an order through our website and then it is important that you arrange everything that we ask for, and provide us with all of the pertinent information as follows:

  • Name and address of the Dealership
  • Actual physical location (and address) of where the bike will be on the day of installation. Specifically - showroom, service centre, etc. (The bike must be indoors, cleaned, in a well-lit, draught-free location as per our requirements laid out in PURCHASING RULES.)
  • The name, title and contact phone number of the person (within the dealership) who you have organised the installation through.
  • The date of the installation. (Once agreed to cannot be altered without some penalty).
  • A guarantee from the dealership that OziShield will have a full day's access to the bike on the nominated date. That means that we will not be waiting for the bike to be available and that we do not have to finish the bike until close of business for that day. We normally start our installations at 9:30am, and the bike must be available at that time.

Bear in mind that if we cannot conduct and complete the installation on the date agreed to (e.g. the bike is not ready, or the bike is taken from us prior to us finishing), then we penalise you, not the dealership, so it is up to you to stress to them that the bike must be available on that date. We strictly enforce this clause.