"What's in a name" Wrote Shakespeare. And we ask the same question.

Author: OziShield   Date Posted:27 August 2017 

Certainly, there are a couple of big names in the Paint Protection Film world. Been around for a long time. Resting on their laurels. Well, we have found a company (or rather they found us), and they have launched into the PPF world with some fabulous products that will revolutionise the industry.

The company is STEK - a South Korean company - and we have been testing their films for 6 months now. And we're excited.

STEK make a number of PPF products, and are developing and releasing new products on a regular basis.

Their 2 main products are

  • DYNOshield - a beautifully glossy film that installs with fewer problems than any other film that we've used over the past 15 years. 
  • DYNOmatt - a beautiful satin/matte finish version of DYNOshield. Has all the great properties of DYNOshield.

Recently, STEK announced a number of new products

  • DYNOprism - PPF with glitter embedded in the film
  • DYNOwindshield - PPF suitable for use on windscreens and visors
  • DYNOcarbon - PPF that gives a carbon-fibre finish to your paint

We are proud to offer STEK products to Australia and New Zealand. We currently stock DYNOshield (gloss) and DYNOmatt (Satin/Matte finish) in various sizes, and they can be purchased here on our website. If you require any of the other films, please drop us a line at ozishield@gmail.com.

Video of DYNOmatt being installed https://www.facebook.com/stekppf/videos/1050654595045019/

Video of DYNOprism being installed https://www.facebook.com/stekppf/videos/1307682149342261/

Video of DYNOwindshield https://www.facebook.com/stekppf/videos/1310649999045476/

Video of DYNOcarbon https://www.facebook.com/stekppf/videos/1271131986330611/