About Us

OziShield is an Australian family business dedicated to the Paint Protection Film industry. We protected our first car in 2001 and since then have carried out over 3,500 installations on cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, lawnmovers, architectural installations, etc.

In 2016 we reviewed our goals and we are now focussed on working with certain parts of the motorcycle and bicycle industries. That's why you will not see any cars on our website, and only certain makes and models of motorcycles and bicycles. We do not attempt to provide a solution to every motorcycle or bicycle out there, rather we provide the best solution to just a handful of elite brands.

Our products are the world's best and we continue to innovate, bringing new products and ideas to the market.

We will also continue to sell the best Paint Protection Films that are out there, giving our customers great products at a realistic price for DIY projects.